Dr Georg Inderst


Georg Inderst is an independent adviser to pension funds, institutional investors, international organizations. His work is based on long experience in investment management, economic research and pensions governance.

Previously, he was a Trustee and Director of Law Debenture Pension Trust Corporation in London, and a Director of Foreign & Colonial Investment Management where he headed the Global Asset Allocation and Fixed Interest teams. He joined F&C in London from HYPO Capital Management in Munich.

Georg grew up in Italy. He received an MSc in Economics from the London School of Economics and a PhD in Economics and Social Sciences from the University of Vienna.

Georg is the author/co-author of several key studies on infrastructure / green investment and finance. He is frequently invited to write and speak about asset allocation, institutional investment strategy and governance, infrastructure and green investing.

He is a member of various international committees and working groups. Georg is also a judge of several pensions and investment Awards, a teacher at investment seminars, and a referee of academic Journals.